Quality Assurance

"Ultra High Maintenance detailed approach to quality control supports the fundamentals of ensuring our clients receive consistent, high-quality cleaning on a consistent basis. Quality is at the foundation of each facility program we design for our clients. We believe our quality plan is more than just results; it is our way of doing business."

Macyury Giraldo
Owner / President
UHM understands that quality control is an ongoing process. Our quality control program consists of both regularly scheduled visits as well as unscheduled visits to each site. Furthermore, our operation team submits monthly inspection reports for evaluation.
Customer Service
Because every building can be different in nature and needs, UHM designs and establishes site-specific quality plans and working specifications. This contributes to a well-maintained facility and improves and prolongs our relationship with you.
Qualified Staff
Our staff is the most important factor in providing quality service for our clients. We employ veteran cleaners who have years of experience across a variety of industries and know best practice. In addition each employee receives a comprehensive background investigation as a part of our employment procedures.
High-Level Training
UHM has many talented and qualified employees in all levels of operations. All employees receive certification using both web-based and in-service training. When new staff , a qualified operation manager will assist and train them according to the site-specific training.
Transition Plan
Transition is always a delicate matter. UHM experienced operation team will prepare a well-organized transition plan for every newly contracted building to make this move as smooth as possible..
Sustainability Standards
UHM continuously seeks better cleaning solutions that are environmental friendly and healthy. We combine the best practices by adopting the standards, which include CIMS, LEED GS-42, OSHA, EPA and NFSI