Logo and Commercial Mats

Buy, don't rent!

Keep your floors looking clean and safe with Ultra High Maintenance Mats for your business. From colored traffic mats to logo mats we’ll ensure your floors get the same attention as the rest of your facility. All Mats certified by NFSI  ( National Floor Safety Institute )
Dirty Facts:
- Each year over 9 million slips and falls occur with an average cost of $30,000 per claim
- 80% of the dirt and debris is brought into buildings on the bottom of shoes
- An entrance mat can reduce the damage to your finish floors
- Floors are the first thing people judge when it comes to cleanliness of a facility or building

Save over $3,000 a year when you buy your mats. Many rental companies will have you believe that weekly washing of your logo mats are the only way to keep them clean. In reality regular vacuuming and mat spraying will keep your mats clean, sanitized and smelling good while ensuring the brightness of the color stays consistent over time

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